UltraPIP Wi-Fi

Here are the advantages of UltraPIP Wi-Fi.

  1. This instrument comes with a state-of-the-art piezoelectric accelerometer of IEPE technology that ensures the highest sensitivity
  2. Requires no software installation. Just open up the Internet browser of your choice and type in the instrument’s IP address
  3. The UltraPIP Wi-Fi allows data viewing and recording on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop
  4. Data are transmitted in real-time using WiFi communication
  5. This equipment has an internal battery that guarantees many hours of autonomous operation
  6. The UltraPIP Wi-FI also adds great value to your pool of instruments

The UltraPIP Wi-Fi is specifically designed for Pile Integrity testing/PIT.

This Equipment includes all physical, electronic, and instrumental features required to perform PIT studies in compliance with the ASTM-D5882-00/16 norm.

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