SUBSUELO3D is a technology-based company that develops a broad spectrum of geophysical equipment for users worldwide. We are known for our high degree of innovation and for providing solutions to subsurface problems in the fields of Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering.

About Subsuelo3D


German Y. Ojeda, Ph.D., President

German Ojeda is co-founder and president of Subsuelo3D. He holds Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Geology and Geophysics. He spent several years as Assistant Director of the Center for Marine Studies at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC. For several years he was Technical Lead at Ecopetrol -Colombia’s national oil company- as well as VP G&G at LAEFM, a venture capital firm managing a large hydrocarbon exploration fund. He is the current Editor-In-Chief of FastTIMES, the electronic newsmagazine of the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society.

Carlo D. Rojas, Chief Geophysicist

Carlo Rojas is Subsuelo3D’s Chief Geophysicist. He came to our company after short stints at Caracas-based TRX Consulting and PDVSA, Venezuela’s national oil company. He won first place in the 2012 edition of the prestigious Imperial Barrel Award competition sponsored by AAPG. Carlo is frequently invited to speak before groups of Geoscience students throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. He holds a Bachelors degree in Geophysical Engineering from Simon Bolivar University.

Ubeimar I. Rojas, Administrative Director

Ubeimar Rojas is Subsuelo3D’s Administrative Director. He has several years of experience in acquisition of field geophysical data, including seismic, DC resistivity, downhole, subbottom and bathymetry surveys. Ubeimar holds a degree in Mechatronics as well a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from the Politecnico Grancolombiano in Bogota.

Paula A. González, Business Development Manager

Paula González is Subsuelo3D’s Business Development Manager. She came to our company after a year working on project evaluation, environmental compliance and construction projects for OSN Constructions. She holds bachelor degrees in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana of Santander.


Our focus is the design, manufacturing, and sales of geophysical instruments, including exploration seismographs and DC resistivity tomography meters. Our team of engineers strives to produce the world’s user-friendliest geophysical technology.