About Subsuelo3D geophysical equipment. SUBSUELO3D of Colombia is a technology-based company that develops diverse geophysical equipment for users worldwide. We are known for our high degree of innovation and for providing solutions to subsurface problems in the fields of Civil and Geotechnical Engineering.

About Subsuelo3D


SUBSUELO3D‘s mission is to provide technology for shallow subsurface imaging, adding measurable value to our clients’ projects.


SUBSUELO3D‘s vision is to be the top near-surface geophysical company in Latin America, recognized for its constant innovations and technological solutions to industry.


Our focus is the design, manufacturing and sales of geophysical instruments, including exploration seismographs and DC resistivity tomography meters. Our team of engineers strive to produce only the world’s user-friendliest geophysical equipment.

Our team

Our team of professionals, which includes geophysicists, geologists civil and electronic engineers, is highly trained to offer our clients products and services of the highest quality. Responsibility, safety and compliance are our core values. All areas of our company work in close coordination to meet our clients’ demands in a timely fashion.