Environmental Geophysics

Subsuelo3D offers Environmental Geophysical services for the mining, oil&gas, geotechnical and infrastructure industries. Our techniques are non-invasive, environmentally friendly, and high resolution. Download our brochure of services below.

Shear Zone Exploration With Ambient Seismic Noise

A “shear zone” is a zone of closely spaced, approximately parallel faults that often channel solutions in the subsurface and may host large mineral deposits. In Shear Zone Exploration With Ambient Seismic Noise, the objective is to discover and map shear zones through the use of passive seismic exploration techniques based on surface waves.

Marine Geophysical Surveys

Is your project underwater? Do you need to understand the subsurface under a river, lake, swamp, or sea? SUBSUELO3D provides modern technology to generate electrical resistivity and seismic velocity images of underwater bodies.

Geophysical Data Processing

SUBSUELO3D‘s superb team of geoscientists, which includes seasoned geophysicists and geologists, is highly capable and prepared to undertake data processing and interpretation projects in a wide variety of data types and formats, including seismics, DC resistivity, electromagnetic induction, gravity and magnetics, well-logs, bathymetry and vibration analysis. In addition, we have state-of-the-art software to undertake the most complex projects.


At SUBSUELO3D we offer in-house or on-line training courses in geophysical data processing to consulting companies, universities and research institutions. We are knowledgeable in most commercial packages for geophysical data processing.