Environmental Geophysics

Subsuelo3D offers Environmental Geophysical services for the mining, oil&gas, geotechnical and infrastructure industries. Our techniques are non-invasive, environmentally friendly, and high resolution. Download our brochure of services below.

Seismic Refraction (Vp-Vs)

SUBSUELO3D applies this technique to produce high-vertical-and-horizontal resolution images of the geometry, depth, thickness, and P and S wave seismic velocity of the shallow soil layers.

ReMi-MASW Seismics

These relatively new techniques are cost-effective for imaging the structure (thickness, geometry, S-wave velocity) of subsurface rocks by propagating surface Rayleigh seismic waves. SUBSUELO3D owns the necessary sensors and software and has vast experience undertaking this type of survey successfully.

Downhole Seismics

Measuring the seismic wave travel time from a point at the surface down to various layers intersected by a wellbore is fundamental. Ensure information quality using only SUBSUELO3D downhole survey services.

Vertical Electric Sounding (VES), and Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT)

Various types of rocks and their interstitial fluids oppose the transmission of electrical currents in distinct manners. Geoelectrical technologies by SUBSUELO3D allow the generation of very high-quality images that show the electrical resistivity of subsurface layers.  

Marine Geophysical Surveys

Is your project underwater? Do you need to understand the subsurface under a river, lake, swamp, or sea? SUBSUELO3D provides modern technology to generate electrical resistivity and seismic velocity images of underwater bodies.

Bathymetry Surveys

SUBSUELO3D owns several single-beam echo sounders to determine water depth with high vertical and horizontal precision (lakes, swamps, dams, shallow sea, etc.), with RTK GPS positioning. In-house developed classification schemes based on neural networks allow qualitative mapping of seafloor hardness.

Vibration Monitoring and Analysis

This method consists of analyzing the response of soil, structures or sensitive areas to natural or man-made vibrations. This method allows determination of possible impacts caused by periodic or transient events to buildings and humans.

Pile Integrity Testing (PIT)

PIT tests are undertaken with the purpose of determining concrete pile integrity as it pertains to their continuity, possible fractures, porosity or weakness, as well as their total length. You can count on SUBSUELO3D to perform PIT testing according to norm ASTM-D5882-00/07. 

Geophysical Data Processing

SUBSUELO3D‘s superb team of geoscientists, which includes seasoned geophysicists and geologists, is highly capable and prepared to undertake data processing and interpretation projects in a wide variety of data types and formats, including seismics, DC resistivity, electromagnetic induction, gravity and magnetics, well-logs, bathymetry and vibration analysis. In addition, we have state-of-the-art software to undertake the most complex projects.


At SUBSUELO3D we offer in-house or on-line training courses in geophysical data processing to consulting companies, universities and research institutions. We are knowledgeable in most commercial packages for geophysical data processing.