At Subsuelo3D we have carried out Environmental Geophysics Projects throughout Latin America for the mining, infrastructure, oil&gas, academic research and forensics sectors, among others.

Our strategically-located headquarters in the capital of Colombia and our extensive pool of equipment give us the necessary technical strength and flexibility to serve clients throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Environmental Geophysics has a large impact in the sustainable development of the Latin American continent. Because the economy of the region is largely extractive (oil&gas as well as metallic and non-metallic minerals), identifying and mapping the impact of these activities in the shallow subsoil – with a high degree of certainty- is of great environmental relevance.

We have undertaken hundreds of projects in several countries, and our products have been exported to many countries including Canada, United States, Mexico, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia,  Argentina and Chile. We are recognized for our commitment and assertive communication with our clients.

Our team of professionals has been trained at the highest academic levels in universities in the USA, Colombia and Venezuela, and possess decades of experience in the field of applied Geophysics. We execute all our geophysical projects under strict ASTM norms.