Time in the field is gold! Spend more time analyzing data and less time troubleshooting your equipment, with the world’s user-friendliest geophysical instruments by Subsuelo3D. From our wireless exploration seismographs to our pile integrity testing equipment, we strive to make operation as intuitive and simple as possible by using a minimalistic approach. Here are some examples:

Quick wireless exploration seismographs: Intuitive, easy to carry, charge and deploy. Data viewing and harvesting is done on your smart phone. The blinking pattern of a top led tells you all you need to know about node status. No computers, no cables, no bulky batteries. Acquire seismic refraction, MASW, ReMi, passive seismic.

UltraPiP WiFi pile testing instrument: Data transmission via WiFi to your smart phone or tablet. No need to install any software: Just type the internal server’s web address in Chrome or your preferred browser and you are good to go.

SuperOne single-channel exploration seismograph: Cabled single-channel solution. All you need to worry about is hitting the ground real good with a hammer. The acquisition software builds your 12 or 24 channel record for you, one trace at a time.

GeoAmp 303 with SwitchAMS001: Easy to use 32 electrode electrical resistivity tomography solution. Portable, powerful and fairly priced. Acquire 310 m long profiles with real time display on a laptop.

SeismeX16 and SeismeX24 exploration seismograph: Our most traditional seismograph. These are the 16 and 24 channel traditional systems. Ask our many clients all over Latin America about how rugged and reliable it is. Tested in dense jungles, complex topography and high temperatures. Excellent performance.

Subsuelo3D builds the world’s user-friendliest geophysical instruments.

SuperOne single-channel exploration seismograph. Acquire 24-channel data with a single sensor.
GeoAmp303 Digital DC Resistivity Meter.
Electrical Resistivity Tomography switch, for use with our GeoAmp303 console.
Quick wireless exploration seismograph. All you need is 24 nodes, your smart phone and a hammer.