The SuperOne seismograph is a versatile single-channel instrument that is inexpensive and easy to use and transport. Seismic profile acquisitions can be made with it with lower logistics costs. The equipment can be used, among other services, for (1) Seismic refraction studies (P Wave and S Wave) (2) Surface Wave Analysis.

The components of the equipment are 1. Acquisition console, 2. Trigger cable for the console, 3. Trigger geophone cable (for two trigger points), 4. Cable with channel geophone, 5. USB cable (For powering power and data transmisión)

Main features: 1. Lightweight, portable, and very easy to use. 2. All equipment fits in a backpack. 3. Highest resolution (32 bit) on the market. 4. For use with Windows laptop or tablet.

Ideal for finding the depth of the rock competent, dipping layers, thicknesses, and seismic velocities Vp and Vs * of the upper layers. Determination of geotechnical modules, geometry and weathered layer thicknesses, seismic tomography.