The SPAC-RT software allows Quality Control (QC) of passive seismic methods (microtremors, MAM, ReMi). With the help of SPAC-RT, the field professional will have a real-time diagnosis of the seismic noise quality and will be able to make decisions to ensure that the data recorded in the field contains sufficient information for processing, thus avoiding data retake and reducing field costs.


Subsuelo3D is a “Global non-exclusive reseller” of Rayfract® Seismic Tomography Refraction software. This program allows to obtain reliable images of the subsurface velocity structure, even in cases with anomalies such as geological faults and abrupt lateral variations. Tomographic data interpretation is based on propagation modeling along wave paths rather than traditional ray traces. The initial model is refined with processing using the “Wavepath Eikonal Traveltime” or WET 2-D technique. Alternatively, the program allows to determine the initial model with conventional refraction methods such as Plus-Minus and Wavefront. Operating Systems: Rayfract® is a 32-bit Windows® application that runs well on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10. The program works with a USB dongle type physical protection key.