UltraPIP WIFI See Manual
Seismograph Quick See Manual
SeismeX16See Manual
SuperOneSee Manual
GeoAmp303 See Manual
Switch AMS001 See Manual
UltraPIP See Manual


EquipmentName Software Version
SeismeX16 Software1.0
2.0 Beta
SuperOne Software2.0
GeoAmp303 Software2.0
3.0 Beta
Switch AMS001 Software2.0
UltraPIP Software1.0


National Infrastructure Agency ANIBoyacá-Sesquilé-Ventaque mada seismic refraction reportSee

National Infrastructure Agency ANI

Refraction data acquisition report for road corridors 1 and 2 of road group 1: Centro -surSee
University of PamplonaGeophysical methods applied to active cells and closure of the “La Cortada” sanitary landfill (Norte de Santan der)See
Regional Autonomous Corporation CAR Geoelectric study for prospecting and exploration of groundwater in the municipal seat of Jerusalem – Cundinamarca See
University Francisco Jose de Calda Characterization of the subsoil using the geophysical method of refraction by microtremores ReMi for segment of Circunvalar Avenue and Simón Bolívar Central ParkSee
University of Applied and Environmental Sciences. 
Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Engineering. Program of Geographic and Environmental Engineering. 
Bogota DC
Proposal of participatory lines of action for the efficient implementation of Geoelectric prospecting studies for coal in the Tras del Alto village, Tunja.See
National Open and Distance University UNAD   Design and construction of equipment to carry out Geophysical prospecting applying the VDE method, electrical tomography See
Industrial University of Santander. Acquisition, processing and interpretation of shallow reflection seismic data in the Upin salt flats (Municipality of Restrepo -Meta) as a contribution to the structural model of saline tectonics for the foothills of the plains.See


Seismic refraction exploration for engineering site investigations.Bruce B. RedpathSee (English)
See (Spanish)

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